Quick Guide

This database was designed to be house the ever-growing knowledge of weed information. It combines identifying characteristics, biology and reproduction of top interfering species along with the latest Canadian University research summaries and management options. The objective of this site is to be a helpful resource for anyone trying to minimize the impact that these species have on the enviroment and to agriculture field crop production.


This site is a powerful search tool, simply type in the name of a weed (common names, botanical name, or Bayer code) to access information for that specific weed, or better yet, if you don’t know the name of the weed that you need information on, simply search using descriptive terms such as "yellow flower", "spiny" or "stinky".

Weed Index

To view all the weeds in the system, select the "Weed Index" link in either the side or bottom navigation bars.

The Weed Index page is now displayed. All the weeds in the system are listed in alphabetical order based on their common name.

By default all types of weeds are displayed on this page. However, clicking on or off the check marks underneath the Grass, Broadleaf, and Perennial icons, either includes or excludes these types of weeds from the list. This is done to allow you, the user to view all weeds, grass only, grass and broadleaf, grass and perennial, etc. at your discretion.

To reduce scrolling, you can click on the letter of the alphabet positioned above the listing to immediately shift the screen to display the weeds that start with that letter.

Weed Information Pages

Once on an actual weed information page, all the information for that specific weed is displayed, including reference illustrations and photographs.

Navigation for the weed information page is located to the right of the page in a Table of Contents format. Simply click on the appropriate link and that section of the page will be displayed.

Where applicable, various links to outside research sites throughout the text will link you through to the most up-to-date information possible.

All illustrations and photographs appear as thumbnails in the side navigation, when clicked they enlarge into full sized images, simply click on the enlarged image to reduce it to it’s original size. These images can also be found at the bottom of the page with figure captions.


If there are any words or terms used in the OntarioWeeds site that you are not familiar with, select the "Glossary" link in either the side or bottom navigation to take you to the alphabetized glossary.


Many leading professionals were involved in bringing this site to life. Selecting the "Acknowledgements" link in either the side or bottom navigation will access the list of contributors.