Canada anemone, Anemone canadensis

Life Cycle

Perennial plant.


Up to 80 cm tall.


Basal and whorled on stem, 5-15 cm wide. Stem leaves are 2 or 3 per whorl, with 3 deeply cut, pointed and toothed lobes, stalkless. Basal leaves are coarsely toothed near the top, long-stalked with 3 to 7 wedge-shaped lobes.

Flowers and Fruit

Solitary white flowers, 2.5-4 cm wide, 5 petal-like sepals, on long stalks rising above the leaves. Fruit is globe-like aggregate of achenes. Flowers from May to July.

Figure #1.

Southern Ontario, June.

Figure #2.

White flower of anemone.

Figure #3.

Leaf of anemone.

Figure #4.

Back of anemone leaf.

Figure #5.

Figure #6.

Anemone plant found along trail.