Wild chervil, Anthriscus sylvestris

Life Cycle



Reproducing by seed.


Green stems.


Green, petioles without red-purple mottling. Leaves are finely divided.

Flowers and Fruit

Small bracts at the base of the rays of the simple umbels, but no bracts around the base of the rays of each compound umbel. Umbels have individual, white flowers. Fruit consists of a pair of seeds, smooth and banana-shaped, about 5mm long and 1 mm wide.


It grows along roadsides, edges of woods and in waste areas. Common in Grey-Bruce Country, Ontario.

Distinguishing Features

Resembles poison hemlock with finely divided leaves and umbels of white flowers, however wild chevril is a smaller plant, rarely as tall as 1m.

Often Mistaken For

Wild carrot and poison hemlock.

Figure #1.

Wild chervil, in field.

Figure #2.

Wild chevril plant in flower.

Figure #3.

White umbel of wild chervil.

Figure #4.

Leaf and stem of wild chervil.

Figure #5.

Finely divided leaf of wild chervil.