Pineappleweed, Matricaria matricarioides

Life Cycle



Reproducing only by seed.


Stems erect, much-branched, 5-40cm high, smooth with fine sparse hairs.


Leaves are very finely dissected, light green, smooth, hairless and slightly fleshy, alternate (1 per node).

Flowers and Fruit

Flower heads are small, conic or egg-shaped, 5-9mm across, yellowish-green, and without ray florets. The whole plant, and especially the flower heads, when crushed has a distinct pineapple-like odour, hence the common name. Flowers from spring until autumn.


Pineappleweed occurs throughout Ontario, especially around farmyards, waste places and roadsides. It is an occasional weed in the compacted soil along the edges of pathways.

Distinguishing Features

It is distinguished by its small stature, its small flower heads without white ray florets, its smooth hairless stems below the flower heads, and its pineapple odour.

Figure #1.


Figure #2.

2 leaf Pineapple weed.

Figure #3.

Pineapple-weed seedling in May, Ontario.

Figure #4.

Stem with alternate leaf orientation.

Figure #5.

Pineappleweed flower

Figure #6.

Whole plant