Wood-sorrel, yellow, Oxalis stricta

Life Cycle



Reproducing mainly by seed.


The stems sparse to abundant short hairs.


Bright green in colour. Each leaf compound and consisting of 3 heart -shaped leaflets attached by their pointed ends to the tip of the usually erect petiole and either hanging down or standing out horizontally in 3 directions.

Flowers and Fruit

Flowers are bright yellow 4-10 mm across with 5 uniformly shaped petals and 10-15 stamens. The seedpods are 1-2.5 cm long, slender containing several seeds.


Occasional weeds in lawns, gardens and waste areas throughout Ontario.

Distinguishing Features

Leaves that contain three heart-shaped leaflets, bright yellow flowers and a characteristic sour taste when the leaves, which contain oxalic acid, are consumed.

Figure #1.

General depiction of an Oxalis plant species

Figure #2.

Seedling plant

Figure #3.

Hairy and red stem of European wood-sorrel

Figure #4.

Bright green leaves

Figure #5.

Yellow flower

Figure #6.


Figure #7.

Mature plant