Speedwell, corn, Veronica arevenis

Life Cycle

Annual or possibly winter annual.


Reproducing only by seed.


Stems erect, or spreading from the base and becoming erect, 5-30cm long and somewhat hairy.


Lower and middle leaves opposite (2 per node)(Fig 1:a), lowermost pairs with short stalks but the middle ones stalkless, ovate or elliptic, palmately veined (with 3 or more veins fanning out from the base). Leaves are hairy on both surfaces and margins have slightly rounded teeth. The upper leaves (Fig 1:b) are alternate (1 per node), smaller, narrower, without teeth, each with a flower in its axil.

Flowers and Fruit

Flowers (Fig 1:c, Fig 7) on very short stalks; sepals 4, small; corolla blue-violet, flat, 2-2.5mm wide with 4 lobes and 2 tiny stamens. The seedpods (Fig 1:d/B, Fig 3) are roundly heart-shaped, with a deep notch at the top. Flowers in late May and June and again in autumn.


Corn speedwell occurs in southern Ontario in pastures, waste places, roadsides, lawns and cultivated fields.

Distinguishing Features

It is distinguished by its annual or winter annual habit, its somewhat rounded, toothed leaves, its tiny blue-violet flowers and its almost stalkless, rounded, heart-shaped seedpods.

Figure #1.

A. Plant. B. Seedpod.

Figure #2.

Figure #3.

Corn speedwell seedpods; roundly heart-shaped.

Figure #4.

Figure #5.

Corn speedwell.

Figure #6.

Leaf of corn speedwell.

Figure #7.

Flowers of corn speedwell.